The Green Pathway - Our Journey to Net Zero


Welcome to the Kiwi Green Skills Hub!

This web page will offer employers and climate-conscious individuals the tools and resources they require to achieve their Net Zero aspirations.


Some of the information may change over time as more detail becomes available. As such, we will provide regular updates and use this space to announce changes to how we operate to ensure our organisation is as green as the courses we deliver.


For more information on how our Apprenticeships can support your business on its journey to achieving NetZero, contact our team of Business Development Managers on 023 8017 0380



How can we all make a difference?


We all have a part to play, and here at Kiwi Education, we’re continuously making changes to ensure we do just that. Every workplace has a responsibility to its team and the world around them.


We want to empower our learners and our employers with the skills & knowledge to drive sustainability efforts forward. Our job is to ensure our learners know how to do this for the good of their organisation and their customers.

Stage 1 – Having a Sustainability Champion in the Team


Flying the flag for Green Skills – Michael Steel’s journey to Antarctica! On the 1st of March 2023, Michael travelled to the 7th Continent to promote green skills while discovering more about the effects of climate change first-hand.


To learn more or watch Michael’s video diaries documenting his trip across the 7th Continent, click the expedition patch below!






Our Managing Director, Michael Steel, is our spokesperson and works closely with other experts to ensure we’re doing all we can as a provider to tackle Climate Change.


Watch Michael speak on what Kiwi Education has planned in 2023 for our journey to achieving Net Zero by 2025.


This video was taken from Michael’s recent Keynote Presentation at the Green Skills Summit in Birmingham 2023.


Stage 2 – Measure Impact & Minimising our Footprint

Kiwi’s Carbon Action Plan

Over the last two years, we have been developing plans and building on our past behaviours to ensure we are cutting down our carbon emissions and are much kinder to the planet. We have established which areas are most relevant to our stakeholders and us and created a carbon action plan which will be updated yearly.


 Kiwi Education Carbon Action Plan 2022/23


We are measuring our impact and constantly monitoring our Progress to ensure we reach net zero by 2025.

Here we detail the results of our carbon footprint and actions so far.


Get Started Creating your Carbon Action Plan – Click here.

Our Progress

Check out our latest blog posts to see the steps we are taking as a provider:


Upgrading vs Replacing 

We contacted local tech and media companies and began sourcing our assets from refurbished products and upgraded items such as laptops we would typically donate.


Find out more!



Since Switching to DocuSign

As an organisation, we have already taken some small steps in Carbon Avoidance. Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, we moved all our paperwork and documents online. Since Switching to paperless, we have significantly impacted our carbon footprint.


Click the link below to see our impact over the last year alone.

Find out more!

Stage 3 – Promote Green Skills

Going Green

We must ensure we educate tomorrow’s leaders to understand the importance of the climate crisis. Therefore, we consistently work with experts to provide various free resources, courses and apprenticeships to empower businesses with the skills, knowledge and behaviours for sustainability.



Our Sustainability Courses


  • NOCN Level 1 | Waste and Recycling


  • NOCN Level 1 | Energy Efficiency 



Sustainability Toolkit

Our experts have developed guidance on what you need to know and have provided handy checklists to check where you are currently and what can be done to improve your efforts as an organisation.


Download our Sustainability Toolkit



Included in Our Green Pathway


As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we are proud to offer an exciting opportunity for our apprentices. With every apprenticeship, learners will receive total funding to study our level 2 Climate Change and Environmental Awareness short course, completely free of charge!


Discover more about this fantastic course by clicking the link provided.

Our Featured Apprenticeships

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