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Kiwi is proud to offer the very best of British vocational qualifications around the world. For hundreds of years, the British education system leads the way for excellence. Whether you are looking to develop existing skills or capture that promotion which you aspire to; having a British qualification on your CV resume will set you apart from other candidates.


Looking to study or work in the United Kingdom? Completing one of our qualifications may assist in your application process.

More and more employers from around the world are contacting our international support team looking to invest in their staff with British qualifications. Staff development is key to business success. With our training and development qualifications staff will feel motivated which may lead to better productivity for your business. Our expert international assessors may travel to visit your company in person to provide extra support if required.

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Why Us

Kiwi Education is a vocational training provider, based in the UK – The 2019 Best Country for Education. We are a dynamic, award-winning and learner focused company that aims to bring about a world where everyone has reached their full potential.

The UK is famous for its qualifications, all around the world, especially it’s universities. However, university is not the only pathway to UK certification and its impact on a successful career. Our vocational training programs are designed to maximise employability and add that “shining star” to your CV or resume.


It’s not just us that thinks so! We’ve run several surveys on university students / recent graduates in different countries. Some of the results are interesting:


Most of them were degree level


Thought having additional qualifications would make them more employable


UK qualifications make people more employable

WOW. I am so happy. Thank you Kiwi. I have always dreamed on having qualification for great Britain in my home country. LENA CHOI DI, JAPAN

Thank you to Kiwi and especially Michael for enabling me to be on the first students to complete an international course with Kiwi. I really enjoyed it and would very much recommend to anyone interested. ERIZA, NIGERIA



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