Level 2

Principles of Medication Administration

Short Online Course


2 Certificate

Awarding organisation

ncfe CACHE


Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care

Qualification Duration

120 Guided Learning Hours


Who is this course suitable for?


This qualification is designed for learners wishing to develop their understanding of the safe handling of medicines. They may be learners who wish to access this training with a view to progress to further qualifications, or learners who wish to study this programme in order to complement other studies.
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Unit 1: Understand Medication and Prescriptions


  • Use of different types of medication
  • Understand how medicines are classified
  • Legislation and guidelines related to medication
  • The roles of self and others in the medication process
  • Accessing information about medication


Unit 2: Supply, Storage and Disposal of Medication


  • How medicines are supplied and obtained
  • Requirements for storing medication
  • Requirements for the safe disposal of medication


Unit 3: Understand the Requirements for the Safe Administration of Medication


  • Legislation and guidance in relation to administration of medicine
  • Preparation to be taken prior to administering medication
  • How medication is administered safely and in a way that meets individual needs
  • Supporting individuals to administer their own medication
  • The procedures to follow when there are problems with the administration of medication
  • Monitoring the effects of medication


Unit 4: Record-keeping and Audit Processes for Medication, Administration and Storage


  • Audit process in relation to medication transactions and stock levels
  • How information is recorded, and confidentiality maintained
  • Own role in relation to accountability and responsibility
  • The importance of safeguarding individuals in relation to medication use


What are the entry requirements?


  • Learners must be 16+
  • Resident in the UK/EU for 3+ years, for purposes other than to study
  • Must not be already on an apprenticeship





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