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Understanding Nutrition and Health

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Understanding Nutrition & Health

Qualification Duration

114 Guided Learning Hours


What does this qualification cover?

This qualification is designed for learners who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health. It will help the learner to understand the principles of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy diet throughout their life.

This qualification aims to:

Increase understanding of the principles of healthy eating and the role of food in maintaining health
•Increase confidence in planning and achieving a healthy diet
• Provide an understanding of how an individual’s dietary requirements change throughout their life
• Raise awareness of the dietary requirements of particular individuals
• Provide an understanding of food labelling and the ability to use information from food labels
• Provide a basis for further study and/or career development.


Who is this course suitable for?


This qualification is designed for a wide range of learners with some existing knowledge of this area who are interested in improving their understanding of nutrition and healthy eating.

These may be learners who wish to access this training with a view to progress to further qualifications or employment within sport and recreation, exercise and fitness, hospitality and catering or healthcare.


Course Overview:


This course consists of the following five mandatory units, all of which need to be completed to achieve the full qualification:


  • Explore principles of healthy eating
    This unit starts by looking at how diet affects a person’s health. Learners then look at how the 5 food groups contribute to a healthy diet and the role of different nutrients in maintaining health. Learners will also gain an understanding of healthy food preparation.
  • Consider nutritional needs of a variety of individuals
    This unit encourages learners to look at how nutritional needs vary with age. Learners gain an understanding of the special dietary requirements of vegetarians, those with certain religious beliefs and those with allergies. They also gain an awareness of the factors that create barriers to healthy eating.
  • Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet
    In this unit, learners gain awareness of the information that is provided on food labels and how this may be used to plan a healthy diet. They will learn the facts behind nutritional claims on food labels and will consider the advantages and disadvantages of using food additives. In the final section learners evaluate their own diet and make recommendations for improvement.
  • The principles of weight management
    This unit aims to give learners an understanding of weight management and how to plan a short-term weight management programme.
  • Understanding eating disorders
    This unit gives learners an understanding of different types of eating disorders, how they develop and their effect on health and wellbeing.



What are the entry requirements?


  • Learners must be 16+
  • Resident in the UK/EU for 3+ years, for purposes other than to study
  • Must not be already on an apprenticeship




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