Level 2

Mental Health Awareness

Short Online Course


2 Certificate

Awarding organisation

ncfe CACHE


Mental Health Awareness

Qualification Duration

160 Guided Learning Hours

What does this qualification cover?

This qualification is designed for learners who want to increase their knowledge and awareness of mental health. This qualification aims to focus on the study of mental health and mental wellbeing and offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a key core of knowledge. The objectives of this qualification are to raise awareness of mental health and a range of mental health conditions and increase the learners understanding of mental health and the causes
of mental ill-health.  The training received should give the learner a better understanding of mental and provides a solid foundation for those looking to progress on to further courses in mental health studies and or professions that offer support and guidance.


Who is this course suitable for?


This qualification is designed for learners wishing to develop their understanding of Mental Health problems. They may be learners who wish to access this training with a view to progress to further qualifications, or learners who wish to study this programme in order to complement other studies.

This qualification is designed for any learner that wants to raise their awareness of mental health and the problems that can cause mental ill health.

These may be learners who wish to access this training with a view to progressing to further qualifications or employment within health and social care, to complement other qualifications in apprenticeship frameworks within health or health and social care, or to develop in their current job role within health and social care.


This qualification aims to help you


  • Understand Mental Health
  • Understand Stress
  • Understand Anxiety
  • Understand Depression
  • Understand Postnatal depression
  • Understand Bipolar disorder
  • Understand Phobias
  • Understand Eating disorders
  • Understand Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
  • Understand Obsessive Compulsive disorder
  • Understand Post Traumatic Stress disorder
  • Understand Dementia
  • Understand Schizophrenia


What are the entry requirements?


  • Learners must be 16+
  • Resident in the UK/EU for 3+ years, for purposes other than to study
  • Must not be already on an apprenticeship



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