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Say Hi to Adam, our new Digital Marketing Apprentice!

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

5th August 2020

I’m Adam, Kiwi Education’s new Digital Marketer.

I started my apprenticeship with kiwi after I had completed my Creative Digital Technologies (CDT) Technical diploma at college. CDT looked at all aspects of the media industry from planning and creating the product all the way through to advertising and promoting it. As I enjoyed the marketing side of CDT the most, and also did a Business Studies qualification to go with it, after college I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing.

That’s where Kiwi came in. When I saw the opportunity to work as a digital marketer and earn a qualification at the same time, I had to take it.

I’ve been working for Kiwi for 3 months now and already feel as if I have learnt so much not only through the training which has been very useful but also by learning on the job, the work experience I have gained has been so valuable.

The training itself is set up in a great way as there is only one “classroom session” each month. In this session you spend a day with the other digital marketers sharing working experience from your workplace as well as being taught new skills and techniques with interesting and interactive tasks.

As well as these classroom sessions the trainer will come and visit you in your workplace for a one to one session to catch up on your progress and how you are applying what you’ve learnt to your workplace. These one to one sessions are very helpful as the help that the trainer can provide is specific to you and the help you need and also gives you time to go over work your are submitting for your portfolio.



One of the important things that I have learnt about digital marketing since I have been on this course is the importance of content marketing. Content marketing is a way of advertising online by producing content that either informs or entertains the person who sees it.

Something that I am looking forward to learning about is the components of Digital and Social Media strategies. I am looking forward to learning about this as I have previously looked at this during college but not in much detail and would like to learn more. It will also help me a lot in my job as social media is a large part of my job so learning about social media strategies will be very beneficial to me.

I think that continuing to learn is important no matter how old you are. Apprenticeships are a great way to do this as they allow you to work and gain new skills at the same time.

I am very much enjoying my apprenticeship and am looking forward to learning more from this course and this job.




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