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The benefits of learning while in Lockdown

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

5th August 2020

For many people, the outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted their lives in a substantial way. Many workers are now stuck at home due to not being able to work in these unprecedented times.

There are many restrictions that we face today, however there may be some positives to all of this. There has never been a better time to take advantage of online learning resources.

There can be many benefits of learning online. These include being able to improve your CV in a time where many peoples careers could potentially be on standstill. When we return to a normal working environment, you will have an edge and could potentially progress through your career at an even faster rate than before!

Learning from home gives you the opportunity to learn about interesting new topics that you would not usually have access to while at work. For example, we offer multiple short courses that cover topics such as Data protection, Understanding Mental Health, or even Lean Organisation Management Techniques. Whatever area that you are looking to develop, there will be a course that is suitable to you.

You may well have a lot more time on your hands now. Why not put this time to good use? Our online courses usually take between 4-6 weeks, but you can work at whatever pace that you are best suited to. Our trainers are experts in their chosen field and are available whenever you need help and are there to assist you through your learning journey.

It is vital that we all stay busy while at home during this lockdown. Being stuck at home with nothing productive to do can affect mental health in a negative way. Learning will not only give you a sense of satisfaction when you complete your course but will also ensure that you keep your spirits up!




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