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Congratulations to Georgia for passing her Level 3 HR Support

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

6th November 2020

Georgia has recently passed her HR Support apprenticeship and is thrilled with her training delivered by us.



“I have always wanted to work in Human Resources but I didn’t want to go to university therefore doing an apprenticeship was the best option for me as I have gained valuable work experience whilst being paid and successfully completed a qualification.


The training that Sarah delivered was informative and very useful that I am able to apply to my day to day work. Since Covid-19 I have been working from home, Kiwi helped me adapt to this by conducting Zoom video calls rather than the usual monthly in person meeting.


Sarah was brilliant throughout the whole course, she made me feel comfortable and helped me to become more confident in myself. She made the learning interesting and easy to understand. I felt Sarah was always happy to help me and I could contact her at any time even if it was outside of our monthly meetings and she would always get back to me as soon as she could. During my apprenticeship the company I work for has gone through a lot of changes and Sarah made sure I was ok and offered support.


Since finishing my apprenticeship I have become HR Coordinator. In the future I would like to continue to work in HR with my current employer and develop my knowledge. I am looking to start the Level 5 HR Consultant/Partner qualification in Spring 2021″


– Georgia Donnison


Throughout Lockdown we have continued to deliver training to those enrolled on an apprenticeship. We have adapted our delivery method to this new working style and can help you or your team to achieve your development goals. Interested in a new qualification? Contact us today!


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