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Retail reopens – Covid: Shoppers ‘must respect staff’ when retail reopens

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

12th April 2021

Many retailers open up today with the latest changes to the national lockdown. Workers will be faced with queues of eager shoppers looking to spend their money.

The Co-op said last year that violence, abuse and anti-social behaviour had become “normalised” and was at “unprecedented levels” during the pandemic.



We are taking new applications for the online qualification: Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Workplace Violence and Harassment.

This course designed to increase learners’ knowledge and understanding of violence and harassment in the workplace, across any sector. This will focus on the study of possible causes of violence in the workplace and how to reduce the risk of workplace violence and harassment.



Now is the ideal time to prepare your workforce with the essential skills to handle any situations of workplace violence or harassment should it occur.

BBC Article – Covid: Shoppers ‘must respect staff’ when retail reopens:



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