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My First Year at Kiwi Education

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

25th September 2020

Hi, I’m Adam, and I’ve just completed my first full year working at Kiwi. My first year has been an exciting adventure and I’ve learnt so much from my digital marketing trainer David as well as everyone else I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I always knew there would be a lot to learn at Kiwi not only because of the apprenticeship course I am doing, but also the fact it was my first time having a full time job as I had just come out of college. I must say I was warmly welcomed and settled in very quickly.


My job has been largely running the company’s social media but as I learnt more throughout the first year of my apprenticeship I have started to take on new tasks in writing blog posts, producing podcasts, running email campaigns and so much more. I have very much enjoyed every new step I’ve taken at Kiwi and can’t wait to take the next one.


Coming up soon is my EPA and I’m excited to take it and hopefully complete my apprenticeship at a distinction level. My trainer David has made me feel well prepared for the EPA so I am very confident going into it.

In conclusion I have very much enjoyed my first year working at Kiwi and I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for me at Kiwi.



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