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My First Week – Dan Kibbey

Dan Kibbey,

Digital Marketing & IT Assistant

7th June 2021

Wow, what a first week! I must have lost count of how many times I said, ‘today has flown by!’. All the staff were so welcoming even though they were working from home. I received so many lovely messages welcoming me to the team.
The training and advice I’ve been given so far have been second to none. All of which has helped me adapt to my new role in digital marketing with ease. Getting up to speed on all the things Kiwi has to offer has been a challenge, but I’ve been thoroughly impressed by everything I’ve seen so far!

So far, my experience has been great. I get regular calls from my manager throughout the day as we both like to bounce ideas off each other. I always know my task for the day, and Andrew is always around to check things over and see how I’m getting on.


Moving forward, I can’t wait to get more involved with my role in Digital Marketing and hopefully get on board with some of the great courses Kiwi has to offer! As well as meeting the rest of the team!


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