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My first Week at Kiwi Education

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

7th September 2020


So far my experience of working for kiwi has been immense. Since beginning my role as a business development assistant, I have been embraced by all the staff that work for the company. A day before starting my new role, I moved half way across the country so I could be based in Southampton. So as you can imagine, starting a new job and trying to work-out even how to get around anywhere, felt daunting. However, from the moment I arrived at Kiwi they removed that feeling immediately and made me feel welcome from the moment that I walked through the door. I was first of all introduced to all of the different staff in the offices and was not overloaded and bombarded with information as I had been with previous jobs. Throughout my first week, I had the pleasure of working first hand with the managing director, Michael Steel.


Michael, gave me complete transparency and enabled me to shadow alongside him wherever he went for meetings across Southampton. This enabled me to not only get a feel for the area but to also feel involved within the company and gain some vital experience.


Due to the coronavirus, many of the staff currently are working from home. Despite the fact I couldn’t meet a lot of them in person, I was still able to be welcomed warmly into the Kiwi family. During the week, I had the pleasure of talking to many of the colleagues which are situated all over the country. Each and every one of the staff were reassuring and helped me with any questions or any information I required.



I am now looking forward to what my future with Kiwi holds and to working with all of the different members of staff.



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