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Life at Kiwi Education – Sonja Lee

Dan Kibbey,

Digital Marketing & IT Assistant

25th June 2021

It has been just over 4 months since starting at Kiwi Education and I feel like I have been here much longer! I was interested to see how it will be starting a new job from home, but it has exceeded my expectations – it is all smooth sailing so far, even though we are always busy. I managed to do all my training with my teammates with the help of technology and without any issues.


If I ever need any assistance, everyone is just on the other side of the phone line (or a zoom call) which makes me feel supported at all times. This is especially thanks to my colleague Dan who I work with the most and who has been a great mentor in the last few months. I can also always count on the help from the rest of my friendly team and my manager Geraldine who is always available for any queries I might have. I have already learned a lot in my role and continue to expand my knowledge each day to make sure each learner’s journey at Kiwi has been correctly processed from start to finish.


I think of the admin team like the connective tissue that binds all parts of the company for it to work like a well-oiled machine. So far, I have been managing my duties well while enjoying working from the safety and comfort of my home. There are many different tasks within the role which makes it constantly dynamic. Continuous improvement and progress are very important to me therefore I am looking forward to learning new skills and growing with the company.


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