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Maddie Heeley – Learner Feedback

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

8th December 2021


Maddie is currently enrolled on our Traineeship programme and is working hard and looking forward to starting her work experience placement soon!

Read about Gabriella’s experience with Kiwi below:



“I was referred by YMCA to join Kiwi, and that’s how I met my work coach. The enrolment went smoothly for me, and I settled really well into the traineeship. My coach, Maddie, is easy to talk to and has helped me in negotiating my independent timetable. I find this flexibility valuable compared to the tight structure of college. I felt college was too intense for me to study, so when Maddie said she will support me with scheduling my sessions and appointments around my time, I felt confident that I can achieve this traineeship. I felt like she could trust me to get my coursework done and I really like my Safeguarding and Prevent course. It is the ideal structure and easy question to go through, and Maddie has encouraged me to perform my best.”


–  Maddie Heeley






Traineeships are a fantastic way to gain real work opportunities, essential skills and knowledge to power up your career.
At Kiwi education, We offer traineeships designed to help young people find sustainable employment and the skills to succeed in work. Traineeships are also an approved pre-apprenticeship programme that is government-funded.


We have a dedicated team of skilled work coaches who support, motivate and encourage trainees to reach their full potential.


To find out more about how Kiwi Education can help launch your career & take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at Kiwi education.

Contact 02380 170380 or


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