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Kiwi turns 8! Happy birthday to us and our sister company Yuzu Training!

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

11th August 2021

In August, we will celebrate our 8th year, offering training and professional qualifications across different industries. Over the years, we’ve seen many changes to our courses, staff & learners, and we are proud of all that we have achieved so far.

On Kiwi’s company anniversary, we plan to meet up together for a barbecue. We are all very excited about this event. It will be the first time meeting in person for many of us as the pandemic and restrictions have caused us to work from home.
We look forward to finally meeting in person, playing some team building games and eating lots of barbecue food!


In the build-up to this event, we caught up with Kiwi’s Managing Director and founder Michael Steel. Who had this to say.


‘As we approach our 8th birthday at Kiwi Education, I have taken some time to reflect over these past 12 months. The pandemic has brought some extraordinary challenges impacting learners, employers and local communities up and down the country. With Apprenticeship numbers stagnant, we diversified into new programmes. We successfully became a direct Traineeship provider working with 19-24-year-old learners seeking employment and apprenticeships. Whilst also becoming a direct provider for AEB courses (Adult Education Budget) for the next academic year. I have been so inspired by how team members have come together virtually, and with a new head office on the horizon, the future is bright for Kiwi & Yuzu.’

Michael Steel – Founder & Managing Director.



We’re proud of what we have achieved during what has no doubt been a difficult time for our staff learners and employers. We want to extend our gratitude and thanks for all your hard work! We hope that in the future, we can continue to build off our recent success and offer even more learning opportunities and career prospects to the next generation of Kiwi learners.


Let’s take a look back over recent years and revisit some of amazing stories Kiwi has been part of!



To find out more about how Kiwi Education can help launch your career contact 02380 170380 or


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