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11th January 2024

Kiwi Celebrating Excellence: Unity 101 Awards & Achievement Event


 An Evening of Inspirational Southampton Stories, Global Connections, and Training Triumphs!


We are delighted to share a recap of the extraordinary Unity 101 Awards & Achievement Event, an evening that celebrated not only outstanding local accomplishments but also the power of Southampton’s community and learning diversity.


Director Michael Steel from Kiwi Education set the stage with heartfelt words, reflecting on his 17-year journey with Unity 101. From being one of the station’s first volunteers to exploring vital topics such as disability, further education, and apprenticeships, Michael’s dedication to making positive changes in the community has been unwavering.


Michael’s connection with Unity 101 goes beyond the airwaves; it extends to personal encounters with volunteers whose roots are traced back to India. Inspired by their stories, he embarked on a transformative trip to India in 2010, fostering friendships and cultural exchange. The small banner of Unity 101, proudly displayed outside the Taj Mahal, symbolizes the station’s global impact and solidarity—a sentiment that reached even the icy landscapes of Antarctica during Michael’s climate change expedition last year.



Lok’nStore Self Storage – Apprenticeship Award


The Unity 101 Awards night took a momentous turn as Michael introduced the Apprenticeship Award, a first, bestowed upon an exemplary employer—Lok’nStore. This marked a significant example of how a local initiative can blossom into something extraordinary.


Lok’nStore, a trailblazer in the self-storage industry, has evolved into the fastest-growing company of its kind, opening four new stores annually. The collaboration between Michael, Kiwi Education, and Lok’nStore began in 2013 when discussions with Area Manager Steve Wells paved the way for embedding apprenticeships into the business model.


For the past 11 years, Lok’nStore and Kiwi Education have worked hand in hand, progressing apprentices across various domains, from customer service to team leadership and management. The establishment of the Lok’nStore Academy has normalised apprenticeship completion, providing a pathway for career development and progression. Remarkably, one in three apprentices completing the programme with Kiwi receives the highest grade of Distinction.


Lok’nStore commitment to supporting its team members in apprenticeships resonates, as demonstrated by its continuous expansion to 45 stores across the country. Our recent OFSTED inspection commended the unique relationship between Kiwi and Lok’nStore as “truly special.”


Lok’nStore stands as a shining example of an organisation that recognises the profound value of providing learning opportunities and fostering a legacy of success. The evening reached its pinnacle as Regional Manager Jamie Bridgen took the stage, and Michael Steel had the honour of presenting the Apprenticeship Award 2024 to Lok’nStore, cementing their status as pioneers in apprenticeship excellence.


The Unity 101 Awards night was a celebration of unity, growth, and the remarkable impact individuals and organisations can have when committed to positive change and learning. Here’s to more inspiring stories and accomplishments in the years to come!


Looking to introduce apprenticeships in your development structure?


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