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Hampshire High Sheriff Awards 2021 – Community Cohesion Award

Andrew Steel,

IT, Website & Marketing Manager

10th September 2021

Recognised for Community Cohesion in Hampshire


Today, we are delighted to announce that our Founder and Managing Director, Michael Steel, has received an award for his and Kiwi’s work towards Community Cohesion here in Hampshire. We are honoured to receive this from the Hampshire High Sheriff Awards. The High Sheriff is one of the oldest Crown Offices, dating back to before the Battle of Hastings. Every autumn, these awards recognise those going beyond the call of duty in their activities and local community support.


The High Sheriff Awards are a mark of distinction and recognition given to individual volunteers, groups and public servants based in Hampshire who are making a significant contribution to society, focusing on law and order related projects, particularly those that enhance safety and cohesion in our communities.
The Covid 19 pandemic has had an impact on the morale and wellbeing of the nation. Some may still be stuck feeling isolated and disconnected.


However, for some, it has fostered Community spirit. With newfound support coming from neighbours, friends and family, figures from a significant Government annual survey have suggested that.
95% of adults surveyed felt that they had people who were there for them if they needed help, matching the result from last year’s survey. 93% also felt that if they wanted company or socialising, they could call people.


Here at Kiwi, we have tried our best to not just ‘get through’ the pandemic but use it as a drive to ensure we deliver the best possible support and training for our learners despite the disruptions or difficulties working through a lockdown can bring. We aim to use the support we offer as a drive to forge our community spirit between trainer, learner, and employer. Always to the benefit of learning and creating new opportunities for those who need them most.
After receiving this award, we caught up with Kiwi’s Managing Director and founder Michael Steel.


“It’s with great pride that I accept this award for Community Cohesion on behalf of all at Kiwi Education. I want to thank my team at Kiwi for their hard work and dedication. Despite the extraordinary challenges the pandemic has placed on learners, employers, and local communities up and down the country. We have remained focused on delivering the best possible training, education & support to our learners.

We have diversified our approach into new programmes that will bring new opportunities to young people in the local area. We successfully became a direct Traineeship provider working with 19-24-year-old learners seeking employment and apprenticeships. Whilst also becoming a direct provider for AEB courses (Adult Education Budget) for this academic year.

The future is bright for Kiwi. With a new head office and new opportunities for hundreds of new learners across Hampshire.”


Michael Steel – Founder & Managing Director.


Who else attended and received awards?

The awards ceremony held in Winchester lay host to various guests ranging from local organisations, charities, and individuals who have devoted their time and energy to helping others. Notable guests include Southampton FC’s Saints Foundation receiving an award for their Kicks open access football project. Changing Tunes collected an award for their rehabilitation program at Winchester Prison. And Annabel Hodgson for her work with disadvantaged young people as CEO of No Limits, a charity that provides a unique combination of prevention, early intervention and crisis support to young people.

It is an honour to be recognised alongside these remarkable people for the Hampshire High Sheriff Awards. We aim to improve and continue our support within the community here in Hampshire for years to come.



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