Dan Kibbey,

Marketing & Communications Manager

17th June 2022

One of our Traineeship learners Amron has recently completed a work placement with Yuzu Training, working in their Marketing department.


Amron joined the Traineeship programme with an interest in learning skills around Marketing and the different systems that are used in the industry.


We received some excellent feedback from Amron:


“Before the Traineeship, I was working at Nando’s. The job was good, but I needed change, I’m very creative and I wanted to go into a job where my skills were being used. I have so much potential, and I want to show off my skillsets and knowledge.


I have done a lot of work over my two-week placement, I had Andrew Steel who was supporting me and he was really helpful, he helped me with any issues I had. I created many pieces of work from a slideshow of the Queen’s jubilee to a slide for climate change. I learnt that there is a lot of thought that goes into marketing and every little detail means something.


This placement will hopefully help me land an apprenticeship with a company. The placement helped me learn the basics of digital marketing and helped me learn the ropes for the role. It helped me learn about all the programmes I can use for the future.


I would love to work in the Digital Marketing industry, I think with my skillset I can really succeed in the role and make a stamp in the job. I would love to be working for someone in the Gaming Industry and Movie Industry. I would love to create a movie poster or help create cover art for a game.


I would highly recommend this traineeship for someone else; I feel like anyone creative can do this, it is so easy to get started and requires no prior knowledge for any editing software at all as they teach you how to use Canva. Canva is so user-friendly, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to get into Digital Marketing. ” – Amron Samra



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