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Violence is being physically aggressive and wishing to cause damage. This might come from a friend, spouse, or family member with whom you are personally connected.


It’s a violent crime or incident that may have been committed to preserve or uphold the honour of the family or society is referred to as a “honour-based violence” incident.

What Kiwi do


  • We take all cases of violence very seriously and, when required, involve the police and other organisations
  • If you are a victim of violence, please contact our Safeguarding officer
  • If you have been a victim of violence or fear that someone may be aggressive towards you, we will take action
  • We review our learners’ welfare regularly via telephone reviews and trainer visits
  • On the Stay Safe part of our website, we offer guidance and information, as well as contact information for national organisations that can assist with domestic abuse

What you will do


  • If I recognise I am a victim of violence, I will seek help
  • If I suspect that someone else has been a victim of violence, I will talk with someone and get support
  • I know that I can report my concerns to the Safeguarding officer at Kiwi

How to get support

If you are worried or have any concerns, please contact our Kiwi Safeguarding team using the numbers below or reach out to us using the contact us button. 


Contact us here

Other Useful Resources

Men's Advice Line

Men’s Advice Line is a team of friendly Advisors who will listen and believe you. Our team can offer you non-judgmental support, practical advice and information.

Our focus is to increase the safety of men experiencing domestic abuse (and the safety of any children) by providing confidential support.


  • Telephone: 0808 8010327
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Women's Aid

The National Domestic Violence helpline, a 24-hour confidential domestic abuse service run by Refuge and Women’s Aid.


  • Telephone: 0808 2000 247
  • Further support:
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Halo Project

The Halo Project was established in 2011 in response to a gap in service provision, for Black and Minoritised women and girls experiencing or at risk of domestic and sexual abuse and violence.


  • Telephone: 080 81788 424 (Freephone)
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