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Fabricated or Induced Illness

Fabricated or Induced Illness Support

A rare type of child abuse is fabricated or induced illness (FII). It happens when a parent or caregiver, usually the child’s biological mother, exaggerates or intentionally causes illness symptoms in the child.

Signs of fabricated or induced illness


  • FII covers a wide range of symptoms and behaviours involving parents seeking healthcare for a child. This ranges from extreme neglect (failing to seek medical care) to induced illness.

Behaviours in FII include a mother or other carer who:

  • Persuades healthcare professionals that their child is ill when they’re perfectly healthy exaggerates or lies about their child’s symptoms
  • Manipulates test results to suggest the presence of illness – for example, by putting glucose in urine samples to suggest the child has diabetes
  • Deliberately induces symptoms of illness – for example, by poisoning her child with unnecessary medication or other substances

How to get support

If you are worried or have any concerns, please contact our Kiwi Safeguarding team using the numbers below or reach out to us using the contact us button. 


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Other Useful Resources


NSPCC helps children who’ve been abused protects children at risk and finds the best ways to prevent child abuse from ever happening.

If you’re worried about a child, even if you’re unsure, contact their helpline to speak to one of their trained counsellors.


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