Dan Kibbey,

Marketing & Communications Manager

1st June 2023

Your Lead Machine –


Your Lead Machine are a modern and vibrant telemarketing business that believe we should leave those traditional sales strategies in the past and instead, engage in conversation with our prospects. Based in Cadnam,  Hampshire they offer a wide range of services for an abundance of clients.


Apprentice: Amy Savage 

Apprenticeship Course: Digital Marketer Level 3



  • Background

The company, Your Lead Machine, had previously used a national provider for their apprenticeship needs. However, their service needed to be tailored to their business needs. Seeking a more personalised approach, Lead Machine discovered Kiwi Education, a local provider recommended to them. The founders of Lead Machine had personal experience with apprenticeships and believed in their value. They recognised that traditional education systems did not allow them to thrive, and they wanted to create opportunities for individuals like themselves who may have yet to excel academically but possessed leadership skills. They saw apprenticeships as a way to recruit hardworking, intelligent individuals who could contribute to their business while building something for themselves.


  • Challenge/Influence

Lead Machines’ aim was to find a training provider that understood their business needs and could offer a tailored approach.

They sought to recruit individuals they could work with closely and mould to fit their organisation’s culture. They also wanted to ensure their team members acquired job-specific and valuable life skills. They had previously encountered issues with other training providers who offered intensive training sessions only to find that learners needed further help to retain the knowledge over time. Lead Machine needed a solution that provided continuous one-on-one training and support to help their team members thrive.


  • Result


Kiwi’s approach to apprenticeships significantly impacted Lead Machine and their apprentice, Amy. Their personalised approach and constant one-on-one training provided by Kiwi set them apart from other providers. This approach allowed Lead Machine’s team members to retain knowledge, skills, and behaviours over time, ensuring continuous growth and development. Regular communication and quick resolution of any issues further demonstrated Kiwi’s commitment to providing excellent service.


For the learner:

Amy, who initially joined Lead Machine as a skilled and talented graduate, completed her apprenticeship with Kiwi’s support. This Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship provided her with marketing skills but instilled office etiquette and behaviour appropriate for a professional workspace. Lead Machine recognised the value of the apprenticeship in moulding Amy into a confident and knowledgeable team member. The hands-on training and personalised guidance offered by Kiwi helped her bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application.


For the employer:

Lead Machine also highlighted the benefit of apprenticeships in terms of staff retention. By providing employees with a clear development path and a personal investment in their own growth, apprenticeships created a sense of stability for both the employer and the employee. Although Amy eventually decided to pursue another opportunity related to her specific interests, Lead Machine acknowledged that without the apprenticeship, her tenure with the company may not have been as long-lasting. Lead Machine greatly appreciated Kiwi’s Apprenticeship Delivery for the retention benefits and stability it brought to their organisation.


Furthermore, Lead Machines Director Kaushal Patel commended Kiwi for providing a relatable trainer who understood the learners’ perspectives.


“As a young trainer, it was clear that Amy’s trainer Emma had current industry knowledge but could also engage with our apprentice personally. This contributes to a more effective learning experience. This relatability and the absence of a traditional classroom training approach ensured that Amy felt understood and connected with us, the employer, with her training”. – Kaushal Patel


In conclusion, Lead Machine’s experience with Kiwi as a local provider offered a fresh perspective to work-based learning. Kiwi’s tailored approach, continuous one-on-one training, and personalised support allowed Lead Machine to mould its team members effectively. The apprenticeship, focusing on practical skills and professional behaviour, proved invaluable in shaping Amy’s growth within the company. The retention benefits and stability provided by the apprenticeship model further emphasised the value of Kiwi’s services. Overall, Kiwi’s impact on Lead Machine’s apprenticeship success has been significant, leading to enhanced skills, higher employee retention, and a more tailored and relatable learning experience.



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