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Portsmouth medication staff progression


Digital Marketer

13th February 2020


Staff at the Portsmouth based Medication Everyday Service are undertaking a number of qualifications since the summer and all progressing well. They all agree that they are developing their knowledge through their Apprenticeship is making a real difference day to day with their productivity.


Chloe Shuker – Team Leader Team Leading Level 2


Julie Telfer – Business Manager Business Administration Level 2


Holly Fyfield – Trainee Dispenser Customer Service Level 2


Aimee Shuker – Trainee Dispenser Customer Service L2


Liam Oates – Trainee Dispenser Customer Service Level 2


Chloe (pictured) says: “I really feel like I’m benefiting from the course, and happy with all the support.”


Julie (pictured): “The content of the course is useful and also relevant to the work that I am doing, I am please with the content.”


The key was believing that I could and allowing the time to really absorb what I was learning and putting it into practice at every opportunity.


Being in the offices over the last 12 months meant I was able to get to know the company very well on both the ground level and from an outside perspective. Anyone who knows me would agree I have an incredibly busy mind, I am constantly coming up with new ideas and plans and now I am in a position where I can help bring these to light and play a part in helping Kiwi Education grow, and it’s very exciting to say the least!


I strongly believe in allowing everyone the chance to be the best version of themselves, so if you have any ideas on how we can help Kiwi strive, or you are an existing customer or apprentice we work alongside and would like to share a blog of your personal experience, we’re only an email away!



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