A Traineeship is an education and training Pre-Apprenticeship programme which incorporates work experience that prepares young people aged 16-24 for their future careers, by supporting and helping them to become ready for the workplace.


Our Traineeship Pre-Apprenticeship programme is intended to give the learner the necessary skills and confidence to lead them directly to full-time employment or into an apprenticeship.




The Pre-Apprenticeship programme mixes a work experience placement with the development of skills and knowledge to get you ready for an apprenticeship or other full-time employment.


Our Pre-Apprenticeship programme is designed to fit the individual learners needs and will last for a minimum of 6 weeks and maximum of 6 months with a work placement included. The work placement is a minimum of 2 weeks.

I want to work now

Who is a Traineeship for?

If you are aged between 16-24 then our Traineeship Pre-Apprenticeship programme is an ideal way for you to develop important skills and experience that employers are looking for.


A Traineeship Pre-Apprenticeship programme could be a good option if you are:


  • Between 16-24 years old
  • Not currently in a job but are focused on gaining work
  • Have qualifications at Level 3 or below
  • Need to improve your English and Maths skills
  • Motivated, reliable and eager to start your career

It is a tailor-made programme for young people who are keen to work or apply for an apprenticeship but would benefit from additional support to build their skills and increase their confidence first.


The Pre-Apprenticeship programme usually lasts between 6 weeks and 6 months. It is designed and tailored to help you to develop employability skills that are required to find and keep a job, as well as stand out to employers.  A work placement is  included which is a minimum of 2 weeks.



How is a Traineeship taught?

On our Pre-Apprenticeship programme you’ll spend some of your time training with our expert work coaches online or at one of our centres.


You will complete a placement in a real business where you’ll get further training and hands-on work experience.

The work placement element to your Pre-Apprenticeship programme will help broaden your CV for when you apply for future work positions.


If your host business is looking for new apprentices or new employees, you may have the opportunity to interview for those positions at the end of your programme.

What qualifications could I get?

The qualifications you will gain depend on the Pre-Apprenticeship programme you are on.


You could achieve Level 1 or 2 Awards or Certificates, along with Maths and/or English if required.

As well as gaining a qualification you will also gain:


  • CV writing and Job Search skills
  • Interview preparation and best practice training
  • A 2 weeks to 6 months work placement
  • English and Maths support if you have not achieved GCSE grade C or equivalent
  • Tailored planning for an apprenticeship or employment

Our Featured Traineeship opportunities

We are thrilled to work with employers in the south to provide work opportunities to our learners.

To see a list of our featured Traineeship opportunities, please visit our opportunities page: click here

What on programme courses can I choose from?

Throughout the Pre-Apprenticeship programme you will be able to choose from one of our on programme courses.

The on programme courses you will be able to choose from include:


  • Functional Skills Qualification in English
  • Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics
  • Essential Digital Skills
  • Certificate in Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent
  • Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health
  • Certificate in Understanding Data Protection and Data Security
  • Certificate in the Principles of Infection Control
  • Certificate in Retail Knowledge
  • Certificate in the Principles of Warehousing and Storage
  • Certificate in Digital Skills for Work
  • Certificate in Cleaning Principles
  • Certificate in the Principles of Cyber Security

Is there an employer incentive?

Employers can claim £1,000 for every trainee they take on with up to a maximum of 10 trainees for each of the nine regions in England per employer.

The grant can be claimed for work placements started and completed from 1st September 2020 to 31st July 2022. To be eligible for the grant your trainee will need to have completed a minimum of 70 hours work placement with your organisation.

How do I get started?

A Pre-Apprenticeship programme is a fantastic new way to gain new skills and knowledge as well as work in a real company to gain exciting work experience.

We are ready to help you take the next step in your career.


If you are interested in finding out more or signing up then please contact us HERE



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